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"the Mediterranean as it once was "...

Warm steady breezes, crystal clear seas, enchanted islands and long white pebble beaches make Croatia an excellent and unforgettable charter destination. Hoist your sails and enjoy the glorious sunshine as you cruise pass amazing towering cliff faces, picturesque coves, ancient walled cities and Roman ruins.


Getting to Croatia

Croatia has eight main airports with Split, Dubrovnik and Pula being the best ones to service yacht charter destinations.

Most Major airlines have flight services to Croatia and many low cost airlines fly from Europe.  Croatia Airlines, British airways, Easyjet, Ryanair, Thomson, American Airlines, Air Ninja, Monarch, Flybe, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, KLM/Nwa, Malev, Virgin Atlantic, Delta and Air France.

Many European countries offer train, bus and ferry services to Croatia that are reliable and a cheaper way to travel, however, you will need to allow an extra day or two to travel as the duration of the trip is considerable longer than flying.


Entry Requirements 

A 90 day stay will be granted without a visa for citizens of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA and most continental European countries.

All visitors require a passport valid for period of intended stay, as well as documents and tickets for onward or return destinations and sufficient funds to support duration of stay.

Croatia Diversity

Race Day


Croatia’s official language is Croatian, a southern variant within the Slavonic language family. Other languages spoken are Serbian, Italian, Slovenian and Hungarian. Many of the locals will speak a little English.


Always check with your doctor before travelling which vaccinations you will need.

Tap Water is safe to drink in Croatia but if in any doubt bottle water can be purchased at local shops.

Sunscreen is always advisable as the sun is strong.

When in the sea take care not to touch anything, just look. Be careful not to stand on a Sea Urchin, if you do and the spines are protruding from your skin, remove them with care. If the spine is beneath the skin do not try to remove as they will eventually dissolve. Soak with vinegar or some form of antiseptic to stop infection.



Petty theft does not occur very often and walking around at night in any town is quite safe.

Visitors should take common-sense precautions against petty crime.
Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and use safety deposit facilities if available. 

Do not leave valuables unattended on the beach or in cars. 
Always lock up boats when going ashore. 

Taxes and Service Charges

Departure tax   - None
Hotel Tax         - Usually included in the published price.
Service Charge - 10%, this is often added to the bill so check before you leave further gratuity.
Gratuity is discretional, usually 10 - 15% depending on the level of service.
Tourism Tax:    - Tourism Tax is usually included in your holiday package approximately 1 Euro person per day.
Children under the age of 12 do not pay this tax and children between 12-18 pay 50%.
V.A.T. - 22%

Sailing Croatia


When walking make sure you do not go into a mine area. Always check with locals before going into abandoned or ruined houses along a walking route. Mined areas are signposted with skull and crossbones and yellow tape. Over a million mines were laid in eastern Slavonia around Osijek, and in the hinterlands north of Zadar and the government have invested heavily in de-mining these areas where the former confrontation line between Croat and federal forces was heavily mined in the early 1990s. Not all mines have been recovered.

To sail in Croatian waters the Skipper will be required to produce a sailing certificate and VFH license.  If no licenses are held, then a full sailing resume will be considered by the Charter Company.


Official currency in the Republic of Croatia is Kuna, divided to 100 lipa.

ATM machines are readily available in most resorts, larger towns, cities, banks, supermarkets and airports.
Foreign currencies can be changed in banks, exchange offices, hotels and postal offices and will be charged at the official exchange rates, some privately owned shops will also exchange money for you even though it is illegal to do so.

Hotel exchange rates are usually quite poor, so you'll probably be better off changing your money in a bank or in one of the numerous Change Offices dotted around towns.

Credit cards are widely accepted and travellers cheques will have a 2% commission charge.

Time Zone

Croatia’s time zone is GMT + 1 and Daylight Saving Time starts end of March and finishes the End of October being an extra +1.


220 volt A.C. electricity system, 50HZ. The standard electrical plug is the European plug with two circular metal pins.


International dialing code: +(385)

You will have no problem finding payphones as they are pretty much everywhere. You will be able to purchase phone cards in any Kiosk and most shops, they come in various denominations.

There are two mobile phone networks in Croatia: T-Mobile and VIP. If bringing your handset from home, you will find it will link to either one of these.

Internet access is fairly commonplace in Croatia even though broadband services are not so widely available. You will find many internet cafes or pc’s are available in the corner of bars.

Croatia Flag



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